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Hannah Love, more than just a sleep trainer.

. Trained Paediatric Nurse & Nanny
. Qualified Infant Nutritional Therapist
. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support
. Fully individualised sleep solutions
. Weaning, supernanny & cookery 
. Gentle approach, no ‘controlled crying’
. Full assessment of medical issues
. Nanny for over 10 years
. Fully confidential and discreet
. A parenting expert
. Hundreds of happy families
. Featured in the Media

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Sleep solutions, with Hannah Love

I’ve spent the last 20 years getting to know babies and children so I can help you care for and enjoy yours. My sleep solutions for babies and children are gentle, flexible and tailored to your family’s individual needs.

Although my main focus is to help your baby sleep, I’m definitely not just your average sleep trainer! I firmly believe that in order to attain good sleep, you must look at the whole picture. My background and experience enable me to do this.

My varied experience as a Nurse, Nutritional Therapist, Nanny, Maternity Nurse and Mummy mean I can look into  medical and food-related sleep issues (such as Reflux, food/ digestive sensitivities, CMPI, CMPA and Prematurity). I also assess colic, weaning and feeding issues in all the babies I work with. I do all this while also evaluating your baby’s general sleep triggers, routine and habits .

I also advise on issues such as travelling with a baby and staying on track throughout illness and teething. I’ve even been known to come and cook parents a batch of baby food (or, at the very least, provide recipes and meal ideas!)

I do not leave a single stone unturned in order to guarantee you a good night’s sleep! If you think you will never be able to get you baby to sleep through the night, please have faith that there is a sleep solution for every baby. Together, we will find it.

I have not yet found a baby that I can’t help and am always ready for a challenge! so much so that if I feel that I can’t help I will refund your money back to you.

The result isn’t just a healthy, happy and sleeping baby but also a long term relationship you can cherish throughout your child’s first years.

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New Parent Classes

So you have survived the first few exhausting months,  booked your NCT classes, maybe even decorated the nursery and have started looking around at the travel systems (I could probably do a class on those alone!) but what else have you done to prepare for your baby? For those first few, equally amazing as they are exhausting, months with the new little person on board?

We offer expectant parents (and a partner) a day with me and a few special guests learning all you need to know about those crucial first few months as a parent. You’ll learn all you need to know about how to set a great routine, feeding, first aid, good habits to form, what to buy (and what not to) and so much more. Plus you’ll leave with an incredible goodie bag, 6 weeks post-birth support and entry to the Yummy Baby Group Facebook support group, for life.

All in one relaxed, informative, fun day – in an amazing location – with other parents in the same situation as you.

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About Hannah Love

Combing over 20 years experience of working with children, as a nanny, paediatric nurse, nutritional therapist and mum, I am able to provide a unique approach to sleep training and other areas of parenting including parenting preparation, weaning, fussy eating, dummy removal, potty training and more.

You can read more about me and my approach in some of the articles below or find out more about me here or read my testimonials.



More than just a sleep trainer

Weaning & fussy eaters

• Weaning preparation and advice
• Toddler fussy eating
• Diet & Nutrition advice

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Group talks

• Sleep training advice
• Child behavioural issues
• Weaning & Feeding

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• Tantrums and not listening
• Preparing to be a sibling
• Dummy removal & potty training

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