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More than just a sleep trainer:

. Paediatric Nurse & Nanny for 15 years
. Qualified infant Nutritional Therapist
. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support
. Fully individualised sleep solutions


. Weaning, supernanny & cookery 
. Gentle approach, no ‘controlled crying’
. All of your aims are addressed
. Sleep expert for Puckababy

Sleep training solutions with Hannah Love

I have spent my whole career studying, experiencing and getting to know babies and children so I can help you care for and enjoy yours.

Although I call myself a ‘sleep trainer’ I do much more for you than just sleep! My families love my full approach to sleep solutions from including full weaning advice, a ‘supernanny’ visit, tips on baby products and travelling with a baby, even cooking you a batch of baby food to help you with weaning. No stone is left unturned in my sleep training solutions and the help and support you get from me always goes above and beyond the package you pay for.

The result is not just a healthy, happy, sleeping baby but a long term relationship you can rely on throughout your child’s first years.

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Every baby is different

  • Have you tried ‘everything’ to get your baby to sleep well?
  • Does your baby have feeding or weaning issues?
  • Is there a history of reflux or colic?
  • Was your baby born prematurely?
  • Is your baby diagnosed with allergies or intolerances?
  • Does your baby have a medical condition such as cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis or heart issues?

No baby or family is the same. With my background in children’s nursing, infant nutrition, maternity nursing, nannying and being a mum I can provide a unique approach to sleep training. My kind and gentle sleep solutions are suitable for every baby no matter how complex the issues may be.

I believe every baby benefits from learning to sleep well and there is no need for that process to be difficult or traumatic.

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Sleep solutions for babies and children of all ages

Babies Under 3 months

• Setting good habits in the early days
• Learning to know your baby- when are they tired? When are they hungry?
• Feeding to sleep, setting bed times and relaxed routines
• Reflux, colic, prematurity and other medical complications

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Babies 3 – 12 months

• Reduction or elimination of night and daytime milk feeds
• Bedtime and nap-time issues
• Overnight waking, crying and ‘awake’ time
• Weaning; solid food and milk ratio
• Reflux
• Co-sleeping separation

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Toddlers 12 months+

• Bed time tantrums
• Overnight waking and milk reliance
• Hyperactivity, food intolerance and other medical complications
• Regression in a previously good sleeper
• Dummy removal

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