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Getting rid of that dummy!

As with anything to do with children the most important thing is consistency. There is no half measure with dummy removal. Here are some steps you can take to facilitate the removal process, especially in older children: Ensure that for at least a couple of weeks leading up to the full removal that your baby/child […]

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Top tips to encourage your baby to sleep

As most parents will tell you, the term ‘sleeps like a baby’ can be a very misleading saying! Over two thirds of parents will face some degree of sleep issue in the first 2 years of their babies life. Although its almost impossible to avoid sleep deprivation completely there are definite steps as a parent […]

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Weight gain and growth spurts

In the first few days after that baby is born it is perfectly normal for their weight to drop. The dropped weight is usually regained by the end of the first week to 10 days, after which they are expected to follow their growth chart on the centile they are born on. Most new mums […]

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