Anca & Peter with Rowan (6 months)

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert
Hannah came into our life when our little one was about 6 months. She changed our life in so many ways and we can’t thank her or recommend her enough. I sometimes joked with my husband saying that every family should be entitled to a Hannah when they have their first baby.
Our life then looked like this: a very happy family but all of us exhausted and desperate for better sleep. Rowan was only sleeping in the pushchair outside during daytime (imagine pushing the pram for 4 hours every day!!) , it was taking me about 2 hours to put him to sleep in the evening and some nights he would wake up every hour. I laugh now looking back and thinking that when he woke up 4-5 times a night I used to call that a good night. 
My husband and I rarely shared breakfast or a meal in the evening as we were trying to maximise sleep. We were so exhausted that we couldn’t even pull ourselves to change anything we were doing in terms of his sleep programme. There was so much information online that we were often left confused. We decided to go with Hannah based on the testimonials we found online. I am thankful to other parents who gave us the confidence to approach her. She was definitely the 4th member we were missing in our family. Fast forward we now have a baby that sleeps through the night, eats very well (and that is also thanks to Hannah’s meal planner), sleeps in his cot during the day and me and my husband can enjoy a nice meal over a glass of wine in the evening. The best of things is that we have been travelling a lot with Rowan during the sleep training and Hannah managed to keep us well on track with his training. Improvements were made from second day of the training. Hats off to Hannah! That is not to say that we have always been perfect. We made mistakes along the way, but it is nice to know that you have someone to support you during the training and beyond, whenever you need to reach out and be reassured.

I hope you will find this useful from a parent that now truly appreciates the importance of giving your little one the gift of good sleep…and having time to yourself as well.
Anca, Peter &Rowan