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Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

I first contacted Hannah when Olivia was 11 weeks old, mainly because she was constantly snacking through the night (and therefore waking up!) and napping very badly – only about 1-2 times a day and no more than 20 minutes at a time. I did a lot of research on sleep trainers, and even had some recommended to me, but what drew me to Hannah was her holistic approach and her gentle methodology. I also liked the fact that we agreed the objectives up front – getting babies to sleep is not a science, and having the objectives in black and white made the whole process more comforting and Hannah was extremely reassuring throughout.

I have to admit I was sceptical at first as I thought that some of the steps would take a lot longer to work – but somehow they did and exactly as prescribed – each step of sleep training taking about 2-4 days.

We started with tackling Olivia’s daytime routine, which was a little haywire. We did for a few weeks before starting the sleep training. This was done in a series of steps and amazingly they all worked as Hannah explained. By the time Olivia was 16 weeks old, she was sleeping in 4-5 hour chunks and only taking one night feed. By the time she was 6.5 months old, she was sleeping from 7.30 – 7am most nights, with no night feeds. There was no way on earth I would have been able to do this without Hannah. She gave us the methodology we needed, but also crucially, the support via email and telephone whenever we had a problem/question/bad night or just needed some reassurance.

Hannah also helped with the first month’s weaning, and Olivia has taken to it very well –we have had no feeding issues whatsoever, and we have lots of yummy and easy to make recipes.

I can’t recommend Hannah enough – she has helped me nurture a thriving baby, while keeping sane myself. I can actually enjoy being a mum now…..and as I am much better rested and Olivia is so settled and happy!