Baby sleep myth busters

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

I think one of the hardest things for new parents now is the huge amount of information out there – you can’t avoid it – and it’s mostly contradictory.

Of course, it’s absolutely true that there are different ways of doing things. I’ve always said that my job as a baby expert isn’t to tell you how to raise your baby, it’s to support you to find a solution that works for you. There are many areas of parenting that often come with strong opinions – whether to co-sleep or cot sleep for example. This doesn’t mean either one is wrong or right.

There are however a few things I see again and again in conversation and on the internet that are not factual. So these are my common Myth Busters:

Small babies are unable to learn to settle to sleep by themselves

If your baby wakes regularly they won’t develop well

Controlled crying is the only option

Babies don’t learn ‘bad habits’

I will need to sleep train my baby over and over again

My baby can’t learn to sleep

My baby wakes because they’re hungry – I need to feed them up in the day

You shouldn’t sleep train babies with medical issues

You can sleep train your baby with a ‘no-cry’ solution

Sleep training will damage my baby

Early morning wakes are often due to overtiredness and you need an earlier bed time to resolve them

These are all so false, and my free guide will tell you why: 

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Hannah x