Bella and Angelo (11 Months) 10 Days Into a Program

I am now 10 days into the training using Hannah’s technique!

All I can say is I am speechless & wish I’d have found Hannah sooner!

I wasted so much time, money & energy on other sleep trainers who came to my home but got NO Results!

When I 1st contacted Hannah one of the things that impressed me was when she said told me she preferred not to do home visits as baby would not settle well with a complete stranger trying to get him to bed! I had never thought of it like that before but she was absolutely right! Would we as adults like a complete stranger standing over us & demanding we sleep???? NO!!! So immediately I liked her thinking!

My little boy is about to turn one, I went to Hannah desperate as he was waking every 1-2 hrs sometimes even every 30mins! I was breast feeding him to sleep as it was the only thing that got him to go down quickly!! On top of all this he was breast feeding off me about 6 times during the day & I really didn’t think I would ever be Able to stop day feeds as he was so attached to me!

I will openly admit that when I 1st started I the training I was sceptical about it working purely because I know my baby! He is SO strong willed & when he doesn’t want to do something he won’t!!! I really do not think he would accept no breast feeds during the day & certainly not removing them at night!!!

As i said at the beginning of this testimonial I am speechless that it’s worked!

I can’t believe how quick my little boy as adapted!

The 1st two nights were hard, Angelo cried & I thought this is never going to work he’s going to cry for at least 2hrs but in 40mins he was asleep, with NO milk feed!!!

The next day I struggled with the lunch time nap, Angelos cry was so angry & I was worried I was going to cave in & breastfeed him,so this is where Hannah’s amazing 24 hr support system was fantastic! I immediately text her & she stayed with me the whole way until 20mins later Angelo was asleep!!! I couldn’t believe it! I had sent Hannah a video of Angelo crying & what he was doing & it was her support & reassurance that got me through it!! From that moment onwards I had the confidence to know that Angelos cry was not a cry of pain & I felt that I could now do this & not cave in!! Each day got easier & easier, some nights it would take 4minutes to settle him, others 6!!! Once even 2!!!!

I can’t thank Hannah enough, her method is so kind to both baby & mummy! You are there to support & love your baby & teach them how to fall asleep I the most supportive loving way rather than ” shut the door & let him cry it out” which I got from so many people!!( something I could NEVER do!!!!!)

If this is what we have achieved in 10days( Angelo will sometimes settle himself directly in his cot & that’s without even going on to the next stage of the training ) then I can’t wait to see what the end result is going to be!

Hannah is so reassuring & encouraging & as I previously said I could never have done this without her support & knowledge!