Carly & Poppy

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

My daughter has never really slept well, when she was younger I coped with it as it was what I expected from a baby but as she neared her first birthday and things weren’t getting better I decided things needed to change. I started to dread nights just like I had when she was a few weeks old, I wasn’t enjoying time with my daughter it just seemed like hours to get through each day. I chose Hannah based upon an article someone had written for their NCT newsletter, it was about a baby of a similar age and parents who seemed of similar parenting beliefs. So I phoned Hannah, nearly in tears and wondering if she could help, and worried that I would have to do some harsh regime to get her to sleep.

Hannah was amazing, we talked for a long time about Poppy’s issues and her routines etc. We hi-lighted several areas that could be improved: waking in the night several times, waking for long periods in the night, not going to sleep on her own, and the night feed. We started the programme on Poppy’s first birthday – a new routine and night weaning and bed time cues added in to lay the foundations for tackling the sleep issues.

The night weaning and new routine went well but sleep continued to worsen and after a particularly awful night I felt literally on the edge. So I phoned Hannah in tears (again) and said I needed to do something and she agreed we could start the sleep training part of the programme. I was nervous and unsure but I knew that things couldn’t continue as they were. The first night was difficult for me but it took 20 minutes for her to be calm and go to sleep. The next night was better, and then after that she would just turn onto her front and snuggle amongst her toys. By the third night she was already sleeping much better. We have completed the programme and it’s gone very well and been nearly painless apart from one bad night when she was teething.

When I first spoke to Hannah I didn’t believe that Poppy would EVER go to sleep in her cot without me or go without milk – but she does, easily! It’s been 3 months since we started the programme and Poppy has gone from 4 bottles to 2, is eating better and has a routine that better fits her needs. She is napping better and for longer, and no longer has a night feed and regularly sleeps through the night. She seems happier now in the mornings and less tired. In essence it’s been highly successful. I am getting more sleep which is great and I have time in the evening to spend doing things for myself and with my husband. I feel I can now leave her with family to babysit if we want to go out as she doesn’t require cuddling to sleep. Even when teething or illness have descended the impact on her sleep has been surprisingly minimal, our “bad” nights now are what I would have classed as very good nights 3 months ago.

I cannot recommend Hannah at the Yummy Baby Group enough, she’s been there at the end of the phone whenever I’ve needed her, answering silly questions, explaining things again and again and reassuring me. Thanks to Hannah I’m enjoying the precious time I spend with my daughter again.