Caroline & Raphael

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Healthy, happy babies and a good night sleep

Raphael still doing well even through jet lag on a trip to the US! Never doing a night flight again though!

We came to Hannah as we had got ourselves into a routine with our son going to sleep on the breast than later on the bottle in our bed and having to them transfer him down a flight of stairs to his bed to sleep for the night. Although he generally slept through this bed time routine was getting exhausting and as he was getting older (around 15 months) he was getting too heavy to move without waking and falling down the stairs in the dark and also not wanting to go to sleep this way. We knew we needed to change things but had no idea how to and we knew we didn’t want to do controlled crying.

A friend had used Hannah and after our initial chat I had confidence. She had a similar ethos to her approach to raising her children and she explained with confidence the type of routine our son should have through the day and night. With the help of her program, which included 6 weeks of support, we now we have a bedtime routine that works and our son is really happy with it. There wasn’t a stage he didn’t respond to, Hannah really knows her stuff and I can’t recommend her enough. I’ll definitely be in touch again with her if I need any help with anything else.