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Healthy, happy babies and a good night sleep

My Daughter is 15 Months old and we have had a constant battle with her digestion and sleeping since she was born, due to early issues I was unable to breastfeed although gave it my best shot! From a new born she never peacefully slept, she never slept in my arms, would scream throughout car journeys and outings in the pram, it was pure exhaustion day after day that she finally slept at all at night, it made a miserable baby and upset parents, whilst friends new borns slept or were awake but peacefully playing in their pram or chair we felt envious of others and were always worrying what we were doing wrong! We took numerous trips to the HV and Doctor and it was put down to ‘just being a baby’ At a year old she was more settled and her sleeping improved and car journeys improved but she would wake up during the night and cry for hours and there was nothing we could do to stop her! This progressed as she started eating more – she had chronic constipation, horrific indigestion and was put on multiple sachets of Movicol each day along with suppositories and Lactolose! needless to say this didn’t help and each day was still a battle! at 14 months old and after the doctor advising us to ‘wait until she is walking’ (which didn’t help) things got too much and after seeking support from Hannah she a advised trying the Nanny Care Goats milk. The milk has been a blessing, she thrives on it, she is a much happier baby, her stools have finally loosened and her tummy is no longer bloated! Although she wakes in the night it is not for hours, and Hannah has given us the tools to help with this too! She does not cry half as much and she is better rested and has more energy during the day 🙂 I cannot recommend this product, and Hannah and her knowledge, enough, I only wish we had sought help earlier and potentially brought this milk at an earlier date. I love this product and the difference the milk has made and so does my toddler, I will continue to use this milk for the foreseeable future.