Claire & Mac

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Healthy, happy babies and a good night sleep

Hannah has totally changed our lives for the better. All three of us are happier and healthier thanks to her limitless support and encouragement! Our son, Mack, was waking every hour for a feed and he was 10 months old. My husband was on the sofa and Mack was in bed with me just so that I could cobble together a few hours sleep through the night. I look back now and I’m genuinely not sure how any of us were able to function.

Finding Hannah online was a revelation. She was supportive and encouraging from the very first conversation telling me that it was a common problem and easily fixed (to which I thought – she hasn’t met my son yet! This won’t be easy!). We started the very next day.
Hannah told me to be confident and to be sure of what we were doing. We followed what she said to the letter. There were a couple of blips (where I panicked and Mack wouldn’t go to sleep) but she was right there to set us straight. All of this was during settling him into Nursery as well but it didn’t impact negatively on the training; Hannah just worked with it. We were in constant contact. She taught us how to teach Mack to sleep. No more rocking and singing for 20 minutes at a time and no more feeding to sleep. We took away all the ‘me’ things he needed and replaced them with other triggers. Mack now looks forward to going for a nap. He cheerily waves “night night” and pushes off us to go into his cot. And… it was EASY! There were no endless nights of crying (the bit where we left the room after about 4 weeks of getting him ready for this, had a bit of crying but Hannah stayed on the phone with me while he fell asleep. I can so clearly remember saying to her “Oh my goodness! He’s stopped crying. He’s asleep!”) and everything was done so gently and softly I don’t think Mack even noticed!

Mack now sleeps through the night most nights and if he does wake is quickly re-settled. He eats (which he didn’t before as he was full of breast milk) and is so much happier. What’s more I can now plan our days as I know when he’s likely to nap, when he’ll need to eat, etc.

I am so happy we found Hannah. I feel like I owe my family’s happiness directly to her. I have since recommended her to friends and strangers! She will give you back your nights (I used to dread going to bed or sleep myself as I knew I didn’t get to stop working all night) and give you the baby you always dreamed of. Yesterday we had friends at our place for lunch. They don’t have children so they wouldn’t have realised anything was interesting or special but I did. Mack got sleepy. I told him he was going for a nap and he waved “night night” to our friends. I took him into his room, read a story, sang the song, put him in his cot, turned on the music and walked out – a 5 minute turn around. And he went to sleep. No feeding, no crying, no need for me to be there with him. This is how I imagined parenting.

Seriously, thank you Hannah. I shudder to imagine where we’d be without you!
Claire and Mac