Debbie & Toby with Freddie

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

When we contacted Hannah we were totally exhausted, with a baby who was waking up 6 or more times every night and who would only nap if being pushed in his pram. Now he pretty consistently sleeps through the night and does two good daytime naps in his cot. Hannah’s continual support, advice and encouragement was invaluable in enabling us to help him learn to enjoy sleeping and settle himself in the night and in building our confidence so we feel able to deal with any sleep issues in the future. Sleeping better has made such a huge difference to our experience as a family and means we can enjoy our time together with our gorgeous baby so much more. Many Thanks!

Finding Hannah and her sleep-training package has been the saving grace of both our relationship with each other and our relationship with Freddie. Before we found her, we were scraping our way through each day, being woken every hour through the night and getting upset with each other over the smallest of things. I think the realisation that this was going to be our lives for the next year to 18 months hit home and we knew that we had to do something, anything! Coming across the website was our first step on the road to success and I can honestly say that we have not looked back…the days of sleepless nights, naptimes cuddling Freddie and the stress of never knowing when and if he would go to sleep are now a distant memory.

Hannah is with you literally every step of the way and is always at the end of the phone to discuss any issues, problems, mistakes, or queries. It was on one particularly awful night when Freddie hadn’t slept very well that I recall phoning Hannah and bursting into tears thinking that I had undone all our hard work. Hannah remained calm, yet sympathetic and talked me through what we needed to do next. And everything she has suggested has worked, despite Freddie’s best efforts of refusal at certain points throughout the process. Hannah has helped me to find the confidence that was hidden inside me, to push Freddie through the sleep training and to overcome the barriers easily and without stress.

We are so grateful to Hannah for all her support and advice and we now have a happier, smiling, bouncing baby boy who enjoys learning and exploring and sleeping! We would be more than happy to recommend Hannah to anyone needing simple, easy to follow advice on helping their baby to sleep well.
I hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying Ella – lovely name by the way!
I just wanted to say how well Freddie is doing – there are still the odd couple of nights where he needs more reassurance but he is so much happier at sleeping by himself! Also, credit to you for giving me the skills to make changes and confidence to his routine as and when he needs it – I recently noticed that he was getting restless through the middle of night (after having several ‘sleep through’ nights) so have adapted his daytime naps as I thought he was having too much sleep during the day! Fingers crossed so far he has benefited from the change! We are now about to go on our first holiday as a family – something that we would not have considered before sleep training with Freddie! We owe you a lifetime of thanks for everything you have done for us.
Best wishes
Debbie, Toby & Freddie