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Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

We have recently hired a sleep trainer to help us teach our five-month-old baby to sleep. Her service was so excellent that I wanted to recommend her to other parents in case there’s anyone out there as desperate as I was a few weeks ago! Before we started the training, our baby would wake pretty much every hour throughout the night every night. Every nap was a battle to get him to sleep and we ended up feeding him three or four times a night just to settle him back to sleep. He, and we, were exhausted and unhappy.

We hired Hannah Love from the Yummy Baby Group (www.yummybabygroup.co.uk) for a sleep training package. At the beginning we agreed our aims (in short, to get our baby to sleep through the night, settle for naps, and stop feeding over night). Each day Hannah would tell us what to do that night and was there every day for phone, text and email support to discuss what had happened the night before and tell us what to do that night. Now about four weeks later, he sleeps through the night, waking once for food after 10.5 hours. If he does wake up in the night he can self settle himself back to sleep more often than not, and we can put him in his cot and walk away for naps and he goes to sleep. This was unthinkable four weeks ago! Plus, we never left him crying in his cot, and genuinely didn’t do anything that upset him through the training. This is a long post because it has changed my life, and I’d really like anyone else suffering like we were to know about this service. Feel free to private message me if you want any more details.

“Finding Hannah was the best thing ever!! We wanted our little girl to sleep by herself, get into a good routine before starting work, wean her off the breast and also get our evenings back. Quite a few things but not a challenge for Hannah and her yummy baby group!
Within in no time she developed a good routine and sleeping through the night for 12 hours-even 13 if lucky!! Throughout the whole time Hannah was at the end of the phone, no matter what time you called her. Whenever I had a few questions on general baby stuff she was always on hand-no matter how silly they might have been!!
I would definitely recommend having Hannah around-she is as valuable as NCT classes-if not more!”