Ecatarina & Daria

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

Finding Hannah and her Yummy Baby Group has been an absolute stroke of luck. She is a miracle worker and made a huge difference for our baby and us. Before asking for Hannah’s help, we were at our whit’s end, waking up every hour and sometimes every half an hour at night to either hold our baby’s dummy (sometimes for up to an hour before she fell asleep) and/or to rock her to sleep.

We could not function on no sleep and our baby was cranky and tired. I’ve read nearly everything that was out there on sleep – Baby Whisperer, Gina Ford, Elizabeth Pantley, Dr. Sears, etc. We tried pick-up-put-down, “no cry” and even a variation of “controlled crying”. Nothing worked – we’ve been distressing our baby and tormenting ourselves. Hannah first did a comprehensive review of the baby’s day, including when, how much and the way she ate, slept, her moods, etc. She developed a program with clear goals and steps. Then Hannah came for a visit to our home and observed the baby (and me) for a few hours, making suggestions along the way and tweaking the sleep-training program. And to our surprise we first tackled the feeding part and only once that was straightened out, we moved on to sleep.

We were amazed at how fast we saw results. Within a few nights, our baby was dummy-free and sleeping much better. It involved much less crying than we originally anticipated and way less than we’ve experienced when we tried to go it alone based on the recommendations in various books. Hannah talked us through every step of the process – explaining, advising, warning about possible pitfalls and giving pep talks to keep us going. And things continued to improve – now our baby settles herself to sleep and after putting her to bed at 8pm and giving her a quick feed at 11pm or midnight, we don’t go to her until 7am! Even if she wakes up, she settles herself back to sleep without any intervention from us.

We went from being sleep-deprived and miserable to being the envy of other parents’. Another invaluable aspect of Hannah’s service is her 24-hour parent support. And it really does mean 24-hours. She answered our plea at 1am when we weren’t sure what to do. Hannah is very knowledgeable and very caring and can offer help with sleeping, feeding, and behaviour – pretty much anything to do with your baby. Hannah, thank you so much. Ecaterina

5 months on:

Daria is doing well. She still sleeps through the night, only occasionally waking (mostly around midnight), but falls back asleep herself.
Weaning is going well as well, although I think she would never be a chubby kid. 🙂 We often think of you with gratitude – you gave us back our lives, sanity and night-time sleep. I told everyone in our playgroup about you, because all other kids sleep much worse than Daria. How are you doing? Hope everything is well with you and your son. I will reach out to you if I have any questions. Thank you so much for checking up on us. Ecaterina