Ellen & Harry

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

We cannot thank you enough for all of your help and support. When I first contacted you things were the worst that they have ever been in our house. Harry had arrived early after a shock and extremely quick labour. As a result if this he was an extremely fraught baby that would scream and startle unless he was being held close to you. He also didn’t sleep. It would sometimes take 3 hours to get him to sleep and when you would try and put him down he would wake up. The only way we could get sleep was for my husband and I to take it in turns to sit upright holding him. This was exhausting to say the least. On a good night I would get 3 hours sleep. He would not sleep in the pushchair, car or in desperation a friend lent me a baby swing and even that wouldn’t work. To make matters worse this was having an extreme effect on our 5 year old daughter. Her once happy, fun and calm parents had disappeared. My husband could not handle the contact screaming so it was becoming a huge strain on the family. I was only able to leave the house to do the school run and the rest of my time was spent in the house in tears. I couldn’t even be around my family or closest friends as I was so drained and felt like a failure, as I couldn’t comfort my baby.

By the time Harry was 12 weeks things had got not better and I had spent so many hours on the internet trying to find some help or something that might work but nothing did. I was struggling to hold myself and my family together and then I found Hannah. After a few emails back and forth Hannah reassured me she could help us. In a way it was a big decision to make because of the cost but we also knew that something had to change.

Hannah talked me through a plan, which I was able to make a few minor adjustments to so it suited us. The first few days were hard but things started to improve really quickly. Hannah gave us tools to help us settle Harry that many months of searching on the Internet and reading every book possible had not suggested. It also felt so much kinder to Harry as it the plan was made specifically for him. Hannah was there to support us the whole way through which was excellent. We soon forgot about the cost!
Hannah had given us a timescale for the changes to take place and most of them happened before they should have as he responded so well. I started to feel human again and was able to be the Mummy I was to my daughter before Harry had arrived. Peace and happiness is now restored in our house. We cannot thank Hannah enough for helping us get to this place and we can now enjoy our family of four

A few months on…

Hi Hannah,

I hope you are all well? Just an update on Harry. He is now an adorable nearly 9 month old little man. He is sleeping through although he still wakes talking to himself some nights but goes back to sleep! He still throws us some curve balls and won’t settle but we stick to the routine and he soon settles again.
We wouldn’t be where we are now without you, we are so grateful for your help 🙂

Kind Regards