Recommendation from mum to her NCT group

Hi all

You might have seen Hannah Love’s details in the NCT newsletter we got given last night and I thought I’d mention her to you as Paul and I met her a couple of weeks ago for a ‘New Parents session’.

Although we’ve already gone over a lot of the things Hannah covers in our NCT classes, her focus is post-natal and what happens when baby’s here.  We found it really helpful for practical questions on sleeping routines, bathing etc. and as it was done at home, she was able to make some suggestions about sleeping arrangements and was great at talking us through the products we’ve already bought or should consider (yes, I’ll admit I may have got a bit carried away in the January sales…!).

But probably the thing I found most reassuring is knowing that there’s someone on hand who can come over if I feel that I’m struggling or need help with something.  Hannah’s a trained paediatric nurse, qualified nutritional therapist, nanny and mum and if we end up with “fretful baby”, I’m sure she’d be brilliant support.  As with everything, a lot of what she says is common sense but her experience might be invaluable when self-doubt starts to creep in!  She is really lovely and works with the NCT and my local GP surgery so I feel confident in recommending her.

Anyway, just thought I’d mention it in case she might be of help to anyone:

Look forward to seeing you all soon,

Laura x