Erla & Magnus

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Healthy, happy babies and a good night sleep

I contacted Hannah when my son Magnus was about six months. Magnus was born hungry with a massive appetite. He wanted to breastfeed all the time, if he was feeding he was happy but he was unable to sleep or be separated from me, he slept next to me and was waking up very frequently in the night to drink.. It was very different from my older son who I used to sometimes have to rock and bounce but would eventually go to sleep and would sleep on his own. I think as the months went by I got increasingly exhausted and at the time we contacted Hannah I was very desperate for some change to take place. It had been six months without ever having had an evening where I could sit on my own without a baby attached to my breast or spend any quality time with my older son. I had tried all sorts of things but nothing worked. Hannah helped us establish a routine in the beginning, we had been doing some of the things before but it was amazing how much an outside presence helped, I think both me and my husband were so delirious from lack of sleep so it really helped talking to someone who was slightly more removed but so experienced and confident. Change did not take place over night and it was not easy. There were critical moments when I know if he had not had Hannah to call everything would have crumbled. I think it was also important to have someone remind you to continue even though you had little set back along the way. Magnus’s sleep did dramatically improve a few weeks after we started working with Hannah. He was sleeping now in the evening from 7 until 11 or midnight, which for many babies is not a big deal, but this was huge for magnus who had never slept more than ten minutes on his own. We were quite satisfied with that to start with, once we slowly gained more energy ourselves we felt ready to continue with the sleep programme. It took a few months but by the time Magnus was one he as sleeping in his own bed through the night. Today he is 20 months and a very good sleeper, he has a very solid bed time routine that was established with the help of Hannah. We like to travel, but magnus always seems happy along as we follow his bedtime routine. I am very thankful to Hannah for everything she did.