Getting rid of that dummy!

As with anything to do with children the most important thing is consistency. There is no half measure with dummy removal.

Here are some steps you can take to facilitate the removal process, especially in older children:

  • Ensure that for at least a couple of weeks leading up to the full removal that your baby/child only ever has the dummy in their cot- nowhere else
  • If possible let them sleep in the car/pushchair minus their dummy
  • If they have lots of dummies start to reduce the numbers until they have just one
  • Start planting the seed about the dummy fairy and how they are getting bigger and other babies need their dummy, if they get upset then quickly change the subject- don’t dwell on it, just mention it
  • A couple of days before you plan for the dummy fairy to come ask them to choose a present from the dummy fairy- go and buy this

The night of the dummy fairy remind then that the fairy is visiting and will swap their dummy for the toy, get them to say goodbye to their dummy but allow them to have it to go to sleep with.

In the middle of the night (as close to morning as possible) go and take their remaining dummy and replace with the present.  Throw away the dummy, get rid of it completely, there is NO going back now!

Never go back, never give the dummy back, this will make getting rid of it twice as difficult next time