Judith with James

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Healthy, happy babies and a good night sleep

We needed some help in getting our son to learn to sleep without nursing and to sleep in his cot for daytime naps. We were also struggling to move him on from two to three solid meals a day. Hannah quickly identified that his feeding and sleep problems were related, and helped us to solve the feeding first before moving on to the sleep. Hannah obviously has a great deal of experience and a natural ability with babies as well as a lot of common sense, and this is a winning combination. She understood that we wanted to make the changes as kind as possible for our son, and I always felt really comfortable with everything that she suggested.

Because of her expertise I knew that the changes she proposed would work. This gave me the confidence to stick to them, even on the (very few) occasions when it was difficult. The result is that our son sleeps really well both at night and during the day, and is much happier as he is not getting overtired. We learnt a lot from Hannah which I am sure will help us not only now but in the future as our son grows.

4 months on:

Hi Hannah
Hope you are well. I just wanted to tell you how well James did at the weekend when we took him away to Brussels – he slept happily in his buggy whilst we were at a meal for 50 very noisy people. People kept coming over and saying ‘I can’t believe he is asleep’ and peering in at him, but he stayed asleep. I don’t think we would have had the confidence to do that without your sleep training so probably wouldn’t have gone and would have missed a great party for a very dear friend’s birthday!
Thank you so much,