Kelly & Evie

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When I got in touch with Hannah I was at my wits end. My beautiful baby girl had recently been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she had been in the bed with us since birth as would never tolerate sleeping away from me. Things had previously muddled on but by the time she reached 18months the sleep situation was way out of control and not helping any of us least of all Evie. She comfort suckled on me to sleep, woke at least hourly often more with periods of hours of restlessness in the night. Breast-feeding was no longer giving her any comfort or satisfaction so she would frequently bite me, and I dreamed of just getting 3 hours sleep in a row instead of 1-2 hrs maximum at a time. I was trying to manage all this since returning to work after maternity leave.

I remember saying to Hannah on the phone – I am sceptical Evie can’t be helped but I needed to try something. Anything! I was hugely against any type of controlled crying and knew I and Evie needed a gradual approach which is what Hannah offers.

We saw immediate improvements with just initial advice over the phone, and when we started putting the main sleep training into practice Evie took to it immediately – it was like she was desperate to be taught how to sleep and settle herself. The whole programme was very flexible around our needs and frequent illness that cropped up slowed us – but we have reached a conclusion I never thought possible – putting Evie down to sleep in her own bed, kissing her goodnight and walking away! Evie now sleeps through the night and settles herself during the night. Evies cerebral palsy occasionally means we have to help her out positioning wise if she’s got in a muddle but she no longer needs the comfort of previous times.

I didn’t honestly think I would be writing all this – but thankfully we found Hannah and I am…

I would not hesitate to recommend Hannah’s skills, patience and support through what is often a dreaded process like sleep training. We managed the whole programme with only ever having 30minutes of crying – and Evie was never left for a moment to cry on her own.
Thank you so much for giving us all our sleep back in a humane and manageable way!