Laura & Sebastian

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Healthy, happy babies and a good night sleep

I contacted Hannah out of desperation just before I was due back to work after my maternity leave as I didn’t think I could cope with going back to work on a few hours broken sleep a night. Sebastian was 14 months old, breast feeding to sleep, co-sleeping and needing to feed every hour or so during the night. I was massively sleep deprived and desperate to do something about it but very reluctant to cry-it-out or do controlled crying.

Hannah listened to my concerns and understood that I was worried about leaving him to cry, reassuring me that her process was gentle and Sebastian would love me just as much by the end of it! She is incredibly knowledgeable and oozed confidence from the start. I remember going in to my mum after our initial consultation saying ‘Hannah says he will be going to sleep without feeding by the weekend (4 days), I’m not sure I believe it but I’ll do everything I’m told!’ Well it didn’t even take 4 days!
We have had our ups and downs during the process, mainly due to travelling abroad and jet lag…but also when I was naughty and didn’t do exactly as I was told! Hannah has always been on hand though to get me back on track and I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t contacted her.

I now have a completely transformed little boy. He is 16 months old and goes to sleep all by himself. I pop him in his cot and kiss him goodnight and know that 99% of the time he will sleep through until morning. He does wake a little during the night but settles himself down easily.

Contacting Hannah was by far one of the best decisions I could have made. Sebastian is now a happy little boy and I am definitely a happier mummy! I have recommended her to my friends and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her in the future should any further issues arise. I honestly cannot thank her enough.

Thank you, Hannah!
Laura, Alex (and a fast asleep Sebastian!)