Lisa & Eva

Yummy Baby Group
Healthy, happy babies and a good night sleep

Eva and I were both miserable. I was sleep deprived and short tempered, Eva was crying a lot, hard to entertain for longer than five minutes, very clingy and worst of all it was taking me as long as 3 hours to put her down to sleep in the evenings.

In desperation I went to the doctor as I felt that I was suffering from PND, I couldn’t understand why Eva didn’t want to sleep and also why I wasn’t over the moon to have a beautiful baby girl. The doctor referred me to the Health Visitor for support, but also mentioned Yummy Baby Group and Hannah who had visited the surgery the week before.

I emailed Hannah on a Saturday after a very hard morning and afternoon with an unsettled Eva. Hannah responded almost immediately and suggested we meet for a consultation on the following Monday. Following my explanation to Hannah about feeling low a lot of the time due to lack of sleep, Eva being fussy on my breast, absolutely refusing to nap in the day and hard to put down at night, we agreed to begin by putting a feeding routine in place, followed by sleep training.

I am now just over a week into the training and our world is unrecognisable. Eva is now a happy, smiling bouncing baby girl, I can put her to bed day or night in less than 10 minutes and she rarely cries. Hannah has given me an absolutely fool proof system and routine which suits us both perfectly, I had organised a follow up appointment with the doctor too as I was convinced the next step was anti depressants, but cancelled it because there was no need to waste her time – I am feeling so, so positive now and because of what Hannah has done for us, we are a happy little family again.

Basically, she is great! I thank goodness that my doctor had her leaflet sitting on her desk because I was getting very, very desperate!