Louise with Emilia

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Healthy, happy babies and a good night sleep

Hiring Hannah was the best thing we’ve done for Emilia (and me!) – from Hannah’s weaning and breastfeeding advice to sleep solutions, she’s transformed the relationship I had with my baby from a tiring and frustrating battle of wills to a calm and happy understanding of each other. Within 6 weeks, Emilia has gone from 10 breast feeds a day, only feeding to sleep, waking 3-4 times a night and erratic and unpredictable naps; to consistently sleeping 7-7, napping for 3 hours at set times during the day and eating 3 solid meals. Even if there is a blip like teething or illness, the tools we have learnt from Hannah mean we can deal with it and work around it. Our time together is so much more enjoyable now and Emilia is much happier as well.