Manju & Twins

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

I first heard about Hannah from a friend way before I had my twins. I heard how she really helped a little boy who struggled with sleep become a new baby!
When my twins where 7 months I was really struggling with getting them nap without being held or rocked, they were waking up often in the night. I found this really tough and was getting really low. I decided to contact Hannah who immediately made me feel better. I remember feeling completely lost as a new mother of twins. Weaning, milk everything felt like such hard work. She understood how two babies where different from one and they just needed some help. Without hesitation I signed up. She was there every step of the way, Hannah is so easy to talk to. After one week in the program the boys started sleeping though night,but more amazingly they where self soothing them selfs. As I went through the program Hannah was right there for anything that went different she helped my right up to the end. I now have two 11 months old babies who chat and giggle with one another in the cots right up until they are tired when they simply roll over and go to sleep! And I am the mother I feel I have always wanted to be!

We have some hiccups that is normal but I feel confident to deal with any issues that arrive as I know how to handle them, if not Hannah is always there. If you felt like me don’t hesitate the best investment I have ever made
Manju Xx