Monique & Jesse

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

For the first 4 months our daughter was a dream. She slept through from 9 weeks and before then only needed a quick dream feed. I was breast-feeding successfully and to be honest we didn’t understand what the fuss was all about. Then it hit us…and hard! She switched, with no warning whatsoever, from this to the total opposite and we were completely caught off guard.

It took hours to get her settled in the evenings and she would only nap whilst “feeding” on me during the day. With the continuous lack of sleep we were all dealing with it terribly and were at our wits end. We spent hours jiggling, shhhhing and swaying until we ended it with the inevitable…breast feed or put her in the car and drive around until asleep. I was putting a brave face on though as everyone thought we were doing fine and now they all seemed settled into great routines. Then one marvellous day I stumbled across Hannah at a baby group I went to, after a 5 minute chat I knew she was our saviour!

Hannah listened, reassured and took control immediately. She took time to understand our daughter and us, and built a programme bespoke to us so it suited perfectly. She was there for us every step of the way and her support was priceless. She even advised and supported through weaning to coincide with it all.

Jessie now loves sleep and actually tells me by showing me triggers that she wants a nap or to go to bed. She’s always happy, bright and alert (apart from when she’s hungry!) as she’s had enough sleep. We are so thankful to Hannah and everything she has done for our family, I’m really not sure what I’d have done without her, kept jigging I guess!