Mrs Hughes, Staines

I got in touch with Hannah because my 22month old son was biting, pinching and pulling hair.  He was doing this to me and to other children. This had been going on for months.  I felt I had tried a number of techniques to stop this behavior but none of them had worked.

Hannah came to my friend’s house so that she could observe my son’s behavior with other children and also observed my relationship with him at home.  Following this, Hannah wrote a very interesting and useful report and devised a behavior modifying programme for us to follow.  She talked through this at our next meeting.  This gave my husband and I very clear guidelines of exactly how to deal with our son if he hurt another child or one of us.  When I implemented the programme I felt confident that I had very clear rules to follow and it was reassuring knowing that Hannah was available on the phone/e-mail to discuss any issues that arose.  The programme has been very successful and has made a huge change to our lives.  I now feel much more relaxed and happy when my son meets other children, and my son knows the boundaries and understands the consequences of his behavior   I am extremely grateful to Hannah for helping us bring about these positive changes and would recommend Hannah to others who need help with modifying their child’s behavior.

Mrs M.

When I got in touch with Hannah, my baby was nearly 10 months old and still waking up several times in the night and I was breastfeeding him and rocking him in order to get him back to sleep.  I was also breastfeeding during the day.  As my baby did not take milk from a bottle I was not sure how I was going to stop breastfeeding, which is something I wanted to do.  I was concerned as I would be returning to work soon.  Hannah did a thorough consultation and firstly we addressed the feeding issues and then the sleeping issues.  The breastfeeds were reduced gradually to a manageable amount, we are now one one breast feed morning and one at night.  Although I had read a lot of information about feeding and sleeping and had tried to make changes myself I had not been successful.  Hannah’s experience and instruction was the key to addressing the feeding and sleeping issues.  Although it was sometimes challenging to implement the changes, I had confidence in Hannah’s advice and she was always there to support my husband and me through every stage.  Now my baby is very comfortable in his cot and is able to sleep through the night.  I am also able to put him in his cot for a daytime nap whereas before I had to push him in his pushchair in order to get him sleep during the day.  My husband and I are extremely pleased that we got Hannah’s help and most importantly my baby is a very happy boy.