Nina & Jacob

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

At 10 weeks old, our little boy was not a good sleeper. Our main concern was his naps throughout the day, they didn’t last longer then half hour, and at night he was up every two hours, sometimes even less! We were at the last straw, had tried everything and anything to get him to sleep longer and had been unsuccessful at every attempt.

After doing some research on Google, we found Hannah’s group, and were sceptical at first, but went ahead and contacted her. She was very quick to reply to our emails, was reassuring, and within no time, we had a consultation over the phone. She didn’t seem concerned that our baby had these sleeping habits and was very confident that he would be sleeping well again in no time.
After sending off our baby’s daily routine, Hannah assessed it and helped us develop our baby into a more scheduled day. As new parents we didn’t really know what to expect but within a few days we started to notice small but very positive differences.
Another concern we had was that we would be traveling abroad for at least 6 weeks and we wanted our baby to be sleeping well by the time we left. Hannah helped us with jet lag tips and was available throughout our holiday as well. Her promise of our baby falling asleep by himself, extending his day time naps and not having so many night wakings all came true.

After 2 to 3 weeks or so of consultations from Hannah, we could leave our baby in his cot by himself and walk out of the room. He was able to fall asleep by himself, and have longer daytime naps. He now sleeps through most of the night with one waking late evening. He also is able to fall asleep without any fuss when we are out and about, and day trips are fun, not stressful! Throughout the whole process, Hannah was available 24/7 and we could email or call her at any time. She was very reassuring and was confident in her methods.

We are so grateful to her and thankful that we found her at the time when we needed help the most. There are not many services out there that offer the services that Hannah does, and all for a very good price!