‘I wasted so much time, money & energy on other sleep trainers who came to my home but got NO Results!’

Mum of Angelo (11M)

Potty training

Online course

How to potty train a toddler

An easy to follow, step by step course to ensure that potty training goes smoothly and you succeed first time round. With hundreds of families helped to successfully potty train their toddlers over the years, my method guarantees success for just £25, in a course you can do in your own time.

Online course

Online course

How to stop feeding your baby to sleep

Are you going back to work and you need your baby to settle without breast feeding? Worried your child won’t settle without feeding, in childcare? Want someone else to settle your baby but you can’t because they have to feed to sleep? This course is an easy to follow, step by step course that will teach you how to separate feeding and sleep in a kind and gentle way.

You can do the course in your own time, at your own pace with my easy to follow course that costs just £49. 

Free Sleep Workshop

Free help

Sleep Training Workshop

This workshop is aimed at babies from 5-24 months. You’ll get live sessions with me, each day via Facebook Live, as well as top tips, homework and support to get you on your way to a sleeping baby. And don’t worry, if you can’t make the live sessions, everything will be recorded and shared for you to watch in your own time.

Next workshop starts: January 2022

Sleep Well with Hannah

Complete course

Sleep Training Course for 6-24 month old babies


Have you tried everything to get your baby or toddler to sleep well and nothing has worked?


Are you completely exhausted and worry that your baby is too?


Is your baby refusing to nap and waking up many times a night?


Do you feel lonely, confused by so much info and just want to help your baby?

An interactive, 6 week course designed to help exhausted parents learn how to teach their baby to sleep well, in a kind and gentle way. Featuring six modules, including live sessions with Hannah, Facebook group support, Q&A and detailed module worksheets, this is unlike any other online sleep course.

Next Course: February 2022


Private Parents Facebook Group

I have formulated this safe and supportive area for parents to gin information, support and a common interest in Gentle Sleep Training. Anyone is welcome to join me here. I will be taking live Q & A and posting tips and info on upcoming courses and events. Please come and join me and invite anyone that might benefit from my knowledge and support.
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Sleep Training Myths Explained

Fed up of misleading and contradicting information on baby sleep training? Get my FREE guide today and learn why leaving your baby to cry isn’t necessary, trying everything doesn’t work and how gentle sleep training is possible and effective.

Baby Waking Up

Solving early morning wakes

Is your baby or toddler waking too early? Learn how to encourage your tired baby to sleep longer overnight, how to change their routine so they wake up later and how to tackle clock changes! Plus much more, all in this FREE guide.


I’m not one for writing reviews and often feel skeptical when I read them, but I had to write a review of the amazing work that Hannah does and how much she has helped me and my family.

Thank you so much for your support Hannah – it was exactly what I needed. Although I knew in theory what I needed to do in terms of removing less appropriate sleep cues, I had no clue how to actually go about making those changes, and certainly I was very uncertain that I could do it. After 10 long months of horrific sleep I was totally at breaking point.

So glad we found Hannah. After already paying for two other sleep trainers which hadn’t worked we were desperate, having to go into Phoenix around 15 times a night whilst also looking after a two year old was getting really tough. To be honest we really couldn’t see that anything would work, the sleep trainer that got our eldest daughter sleeping through had already failed and we were not about to start letting her cry to sleep.

I first heard about Hannah from a friend way before I had my twins. I heard how she really helped a little boy who struggled with sleep become a new baby!

I’m not one for writing reviews and often feel skeptical when I read them, but I had to write a review of the amazing work that Hannah does and how much she has helped me and my family.