Robin & Dane (6 months)

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Healthy, happy babies and a good night sleep

Working with Hannah literally changed our lives. Since birth Dane has been a very needy child (suffers from severe reflux & had terrible colic for 10 weeks) and we got into some bad unintended habits. At almost 6 months old, we had no routine, a child who refused to eat solids and would not nap for longer than 20-30 minutes! We were waking up numerous times each night and still giving him a bottle at 2am… I was reaching breaking point and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel! I then called Hannah. I must say I was quite sceptical and given that most of the correspondence was via email, I wasn’t convinced that we would be able to solve all our problems. I especially thought I’d never get away from rocking him to sleep but miraculously in 5 weeks he was sleeping in his cot…. No rocking! Hannah systematically addressed each problem and made me feel very confident in the process. No question was ever considered silly or irrelevant and she kept me feeling positive throughout the 6 week process (although I’d say we were there by week 5!) Hannah is very organised and professional and was a pleasure to work with. I’ve already referred 2 friends to her and will continue to spread the word.

My husband and I are so grateful to Hannah as we now finally have some time to ourselves while Dane sleeps and he is a much happier child from being in a good routine. A full nights sleep feels pretty good too 😉