Sarah & Ged with Sophie & Oliver

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Healthy, happy babies and a good night sleep

My partner and I can’t praise Hannah enough! We initially contacted Hannah because we were struggling with our 2 year olds’ bedtime routine. (She refused to go to sleep without one of us standing next to her cot- sometimes we would be standing there for an hour!)
After the initial, very thorough telephone consultation we realised it wasn’t just Sophie’s bedtime routine we needed help with. On Hannah’s advice, we opted for her Supernanny package, which included sleep training, help with behavioural issues and nutritional advice.

The sleep training advice was very easy to follow and had a gentle, step by step approach which gave Sophie time to get used to the new routine. For the minor behavioural issues, Hannah introduced the ‘naughty step’ and a rewards chart, which worked really well. Regarding the nutritional advice- Hannah suggested we test Sophie for any food intolerances, as we were concerned that she was frequently catching coughs and colds and taking a long time to shake them off. The test showed that Sophie was intolerant to cow’s milk. Since eliminating this from her diet, her health has improved dramatically.

We found Hannah to be very friendly, down to earth and not at all judgemental. She was always available when we needed advice, and was in contact regularly.

Within 3 weeks of starting the programme Sophie was going to sleep on her own and her behaviour was greatly improved. Hannah has made our lives much less stressful and has given us our precious evenings back!