Sophie and Verity (aged 3)

September 28, 2020

My youngest has just turned three and slept through like an angel for the last six-months thanks to the nutritional advice and support from Hannah!!! She has literally changed our lives. Before then Verity would wake 4 or 5 times every single night, have eczema breakouts, sound chesty and wheezy, and have bouts of coughing and vomiting every week. I knew she had food allergies – nuts, dairy and egg and there had to be more but after keeping a diary for months there seemed to be no patterns to her symptoms. Having not slept properly since before she was born, we were all feeling stressed, tired and on edge!

Hannah was the calm to our storm; in a few sessions she had given me all the tools I needed to start deciphering Verity’s unique and varied set of intolerances and allergies. She explained what was happening in Verity’s development, why she might have problems and gave me a really solid list of things to exclude to start with. I felt back in control; I could also now re-introduce things with confidence. It became too easy to take things off the table because they ‘could’ upset her, and she became very good at knowing we wouldn’t push her on anything, so her tastes became very limited.

It wasn’t just food; it was correcting bad habits that Verity had formed from waking up so often. Again, with the confidence of knowing what she was eating was no longer affecting her, Hannah helped me to change the behaviour and cope with the tough weeks!

We felt like sleepless nights were just going to be part of our life until Verity grew out of them, but in a couple of months we’d re-written the future.

I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough, she is an expert and a mum, the perfect combination. ☺