Sophie & Ruby

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

When I heard about Hannah and read the testimonials I had no doubt that she knew her stuff….but I was sure we’d be the one family she couldn’t help! Ruby’s sleep had got steadily worse from birth. She’d been waking every 2 hours at night for months on end and we were both totally exhausted and I’d got into bad habits such as feeding/cuddling her to sleep. It’s fair to say we were at our wits end and very very tired!

After my initial consultation with Hannah, I had a huge feeling of relief. She hadn’t told me just to let her cry it out or implement a strict routine straight away….she looked at every aspect of Rubys routine (food intake, sleep patterns, how we got her to sleep etc) and gave me her initial thoughts on what the plan would be. Once I agreed and was happy we started right away. Over the next 5-6 weeks we made small changes every few days that ultimately led to Ruby having a fantastic routine, settling herself but more importantly sleeping through every single night….AMAZING!

Throughout the whole process Hannah gave me loads of support, encouragement and clear direction….just what I needed. I could go on…she really was fantastic. I’m so glad we found Hannah, I just wish I’d done it sooner!