Stephanie & Natalie

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

When we first contacted Hannah I had reached rock bottom; Natalie was nearly one, had never slept through the night and we were rocking her to sleep every time she woke. We desperately needed sleep.

Hannah responded to our initial contact straightaway and we were impressed with her absolute confidence that we could improve Natalie’s sleeping without ‘controlled crying’ which we didn’t want to do.

The plan Hannah put together was tailored to us as a family, adapted along the way if problems arose and it worked! The 24 hour support was invaluable; Hannah always replied quickly even when she was on holiday. We were sceptical when Hannah told us that we would soon be able to put Natalie in the cot awake, leave the room and she would go to sleep and amazingly we can!
We now have a routine, Natalie gets herself to sleep and has started sleeping through the night. We never thought we would achieve this and it wasn’t nearly as difficult as we thought it would be.

We can’t thank Hannah enough.

And 6 months on:

Hi Hannah,
I hope you are keeping well.
I have just been telling a friend of a friend about your service (her daughter is a bad sleeper) so thought I’d send you a quick update.
Apart from the odd night, usually teething related, Natalie is sleeping through for between 11 and 12 hours!! This is even when she has a cold. We hear her cough but that’s all!
I’m still amazed at how well things have turned out and don’t like to talk about it too much in case I jinx it.
Hopefully ****, who I was talking to this morning will get in touch with you for some help.
Thanks again