Terms & Conditions

Sleep Training

My sleep training programmes are intended to teach you how to support your baby to sleep independently. This is so that they are able to self soothe to go to sleep and return to sleep overnight by the end of your support with me.

I cannot guarantee that any baby will sleep continuously overnight without stirring.  Babies have natural sleep cycles and may stir throughout the night, even having periods of ‘awake’ time, this is also the case once they are good sleepers. However because they will be able to self soothe, your input in this awake time will be minimal as they will be happy being awake and then go to sleep by themselves once tired.


If your baby has a dummy that they use as a prop to go to sleep they may need this each time they stir overnight. This may require you to put it in for them. This means that you may find yourself having to get up, just to put the dummy in, if you choose not to eliminate it as part of the training. Dummy removal can be included in any package, but this should be included from the start of the training to ensure its success.


A successful Yummy Baby Group sleep program requires full commitment from parents. By embarking upon the sleep program you are making a financial commitment to the cost of that sleep program, regardless of your payment terms. In the event that a parent wishes to cancel a program before completion, under any circumstances, it is at the discretion of Yummy Baby Group as to what, if any, refund is given. A cancelled sleep program does not count towards the success rate of Yummy Baby Group.

General Advice

I will always be on hand to answer all of your questions on any subject for your baby. As I base all of my advice on my qualifications, experience and knowledge; it is personal advice and that is what it is intended for. By no means is it meant as a substitute for medical advice. If you are ever at all worried about your baby/child you must seek advice via your GP or medical centre.

24 Hour Support

I will endeavour to support any questions you may have 24 hours a day. There may be occasions that I am unavailable or I am not near my phone, I will keep these instances to as minimal amount of time as possible. I am entitled to 15 days per year that I am not ‘on call’ if one of these is happening in your program I will notify you in advance and will add extra days to the end of the support period.

Please note all contact to me outside of my ‘office’ hours (Monday-Friday 9am-8pm and Saturday 9am-1pm) is only for ‘emergency’ situations. Any issues that can wait until the next day I will action then.

If calls are your preferable method of contact I am more than happy to speak on the telephone for non emergency discussions within office hours, please just text me for available times on a day by day basis.
The preferred way to contact me on a daily basis is outlined in the table below.


Contact Method When to use During office hours Outside office hours
Telephone Calls If you have any questions that need an immediate response, when you hit a problem in the implementation of your program or in the case of an emergency.
SMS (Text Message) For non-emergency questions that you would like a quick response on.
E-mail For general updates and non-urgent questions.