Katie & Theo
Thank you so much for your support Hannah – it was exactly what I needed. Although I knew in theory what I needed to do in terms of removing less appropriate sleep cues, I had no clue how to actually go about making those changes, and certainly I was very uncertain that I could do it. After 10 long months of horrific sleep I was totally at breaking point.

I will be forever grateful that I found you and you were able to help. My only wish is that I’d done it sooner!

Thank you for helping us sort out Theo’s routine, and snacks and sleeping habits. We’re still very much following your overall pattern, and have learned how to tweak it according to how each day is going.

I still can’t believe the change in Theo’s sleeping habits – he now regularly sleeps for between 1.5 -2.5 hrs. in his cot after lunch. He is able to self settle and is happy to spend time in his cot babbling to himself before falling asleep. He’s going through a phase of needing a few resettles when he initially goes down at night, but then sometimes I don’t need to go in to him until morning. Even if I do have to go in and do a nappy etc, he will usually settle back down again by himself and have some more sleep. He even manages this when he’s done most of his sleep (eg he actually resettled back at 06.15hrs this morning, and then slept until I woke him at 08.30!). We are all doing so much better now that we are getting a chance to sleep a bit more!!

You claim a 100% success rate, and I can see why. Your methods are gentle, but consistent, and a brilliant way to support parents and help little ones to learn to sleep. I have been extolling your virtues to every new Mum I meet who says they are struggling with getting their little one to sleep.
Thanks so much Hannah – You’re an absolute star.

I hope you and your family are all doing well.

With many thanks

Katie, Timi and Theo xx