Kim & Pheonix
So glad we found Hannah. After already paying for two other sleep trainers which hadn’t worked we were desperate, having to go into Phoenix around 15 times a night whilst also looking after a two year old was getting really tough. To be honest we really couldn’t see that anything would work, the sleep trainer that got our eldest daughter sleeping through had already failed and we were not about to start letting her cry to sleep.

Hannah’s technique was like nothing we had ever read about so it was quite surprising what we were being asked to do. However at each stage we could see improvements. Small gentle steps each week to move away from having to feed and hold her to go to sleep, without letting her cry to sleep.

Being able to ask questions and get responses quickly was a huge help so we could then implement at the next nap time. Hannah would also schedule in regular calls to make sure we could talk through exactly what was happening throughout the day and the bedtime routine. The addition of the advice about what Phoenix was eating was also really helpful as it really did seem to have an impact on how she was sleeping.

I was amazed when Phoenix started sleeping through the night, she has never taken to a comforter and always needed to hold someone’s hand (or ear!) to fall asleep. Now we just lay her in the cot, she sucks her thumb, holds her ear with her other hand, we leave the room and she just goes to sleep!
Thank you Hannah!