Victoria & Thea

Sleep Well with Hannah
Hannah Love, your parenting expert

I’m not one for writing reviews and often feel skeptical when I read them, but I had to write a review of the amazing work that Hannah does and how much she has helped me and my family.
We contacted Hannah when my daughter, Thea, was 10 months old and I was a very broken mummy! I was suffering from Postnatal Depression and I feel that being so sleep deprived for the best part of a year played a big part in my reaching that point. Thea was very difficult to settle, would never nap for more than 30 minutes at a time, and never napped in the cot, so I was always exhausted behind the wheel or pushing the pram around town. If she did nap indoors it was in a baby carrier with me stood up and swaying, so I had no time to myself. She would wake multiple times at night for breast-feeds, which I was accepting of given her age. But the hardest part for me was settling her at bedtime. It would take forever. I would be in her nursery for at least an hour every night after bath, patting, shushing, rocking; no matter what I did she would scream the house down before falling asleep exhausted. I used to dread this part of the day.

During our first conversation with Hannah she assured me that we would reach a point where I could pop Thea down in the cot, walk out of the room and she would fall asleep by herself. I actually laughed. This was surely IMPOSSIBLE! I knew my daughter! But Hannah was right, and by week 5 of our sleep training, I had a baby that slept for 2 hour naps in the day in the cot, and who was happy for me to put her down at night wide awake and leave the room to watch her self settle on the monitor. There was no ‘cry-it-out’ or any other stressful techniques, it was all very gentle, based on simple, step-by-step guidance that was easy to stick to. The results have made such a difference to our quality of life. My husband and I got our evenings back, we were able to cook and eat a meal at a normal time and even get stuck into some box sets! Thea started to sleep all night, and sometimes had to be woken in the morning to go to nursery!

There have been a few blips along the way, as there are bound to be, particularly around illnesses and trips away, and we had to pause our training on one occasion, but in total we worked with Hannah for 6 weeks and the result is that Thea is now a great sleeper. I feel it has set us up for good sleep habits into toddlerhood and beyond.
If we have another baby I will be calling Hannah straight away and seeking her help from day one! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services. Thank you Hannah!! x